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About Us

Hi there,

Thanks for checking out my site, the fact you are even here means so much to a brand new small business!

I will keep this short and sweet. From a very young age I have suffered from super sensitive teeth which has always been a bit of an issue for me. My dentist has been telling me for years that if I insist on drinking fizzy or high sugar drinks I need to make sure I am using a straw, which has never been a problem...until now! 

As we become more environmentally aware, as individuals and businesses, we see the availability of plastic straws becoming less and less, which, given what we know, now is a fantastic move. I expected bars and restaurants would find a more eco friendly replacement and we wouldn’t even notice, but of course, eco friendly tends to come at a cost and many businesses in my area decided to just stop the use of straws altogether. If you’re not a straw user, I absolutely get that this might not bother you one way or the other but for me it proved a real issue and I started get really frustrated.

I looked online and ordered a few different options to try and couldn’t find anything that did the job, was good enough quality to last, and didn’t lie at the bottom of my handbag unhygienically gathering handbag ‘Dust’. So I decided to create my own, and the Pockit Strawkit was born! 

This is a very new business, run single-handedly by me and to be honest, I don’t know if this is going to become a ‘thing’ or not, but the support I have had so far, whether it’s a ‘like’ on Facebook or and actual order, means so so much to a girl packing orders in her mums kitchen.

Thank you so so much. Here’s to the future, whatever it may bring! :-)